Project Details


Avon, OH

Project Completion:

Earthwork, Excavation, Site Development, Revetment, Line Installation, Retention Ponds, Drainage Systems, Sewer Systems, Trucking Services

Project Overview

When sporting goods industry leader Cabela’s began development of a new retail location in Avon, Ohio, KMU Trucking & Excavating was brought in to pave the way. Beginning in early 2015, the new store would occupy 70,000 square feet with nearly 280,000 square feet of paved area.

The KMU Trucking & Excavating team was contracted to provide support in multiple areas, beginning with preparing the site for and installing 2,845 linear feet of new 8–36” HDPE storm lines as well as 12” and 36” RCP storm lines. We also installed inlet structures and manholes into a new retention pond location designed to prevent water erosion and flooding. We also implemented all erosion control measures to protect the area from long-term damage.

Additionally, we installed 3,600 linear feet of new domestic water and fire water line service, seven hydrants, and a new 6×12’ water meter vault. We also installed 1,900 linear feet of new sanitary sewer lines and related structures.

In the end, the project generated more than 6,000 cubic yards of export that we utilized our trucking services to remove. We also assisted Cabela’s in completing 70,000 square feet of a termite control chemical treatment to the building pad, ensuring it would stay safe from these damaging pests for years to come.

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