basement foundation repair

Services That Keep Structures Dry and Secure

Over time and due to various factors, basement foundations can begin to show wear or even become damaged. This can be due to moisture affecting the foundation material, potential errors in construction or design, or adverse actions such as excess drilling, impact to foundation surfaces, and so on. KMU Residential provides basement foundation repair to help mitigate the effects of these situations.

Whether it’s for a residential, commercial, or municipal structure, basement foundation repair will be critical to prevent risk to the overall structure and keep water from entering the basement and causing mildew and mold to accumulate. We can assist you with waterproofing services to prevent leakage, underpinning support to prevent structural degradation, and even advice from our structural engineer should any larger modifications or work be necessary.

Why Work with Us for Basement Foundation Repair?

KMU Residential can serve as a reliable partner to you for all things structural, landscaping, and beyond. We offer far more than basement foundation repair alone, and in every project, our commitment to communication, friendliness, quality, and timeliness ensures a successful experience. We also go above and beyond by providing strategic recommendations to help you avoid excess costs and complete your repair or project faster.

Our commitment to safety always comes first, however — for our team and you. To demonstrate that commitment, our team is OSHA 30-hour certified for the construction industry and also holds certifications with the EPA. We maintain a drug-free workplace at all times and follow all codes and regulations to ensure compliance and safety. For more than 30 years, this safety focus has ensured the timely and safe completion of every project entrusted to us.

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Whether you’ve been smelling mildew, can see moisture coming into your basement, or have a more structural concern, our team is here to assist. Contact us today to learn more about services and how we can help.