Project Details

City of Avon, OH

Avon, OH

Project Completion:

Earthwork, Site Development, Excavation, Line Installation, Drainage Systems, Trucking Services

Project Overview

In 2016, the City of Avon, OH needed assistance with widening and paving a road as well as making corresponding utility improvements along Chester Road. The KMU Trucking & Excavating team was brought in to take the lead.

With a project area of one mile, our team not only assisted in repaving the widened road but also laid 2,300 linear feet of new curbs and gutters as well as 2,480 square feet of concrete sidewalk. To protect the updated roadside and surrounding area from water and erosion, we also laid 1,420 linear feet of new 12-24” RCP storm lines, inlet structures, and manholes.

Additionally, we also adjusted the existing storm structures to the new proposed grades, ensuring they would continue to function properly despite the changes. And to provide the water department with the necessary controls and support it needed, we laid 600 linear feet of new 12” ductile iron water main piping and installed two new hydrants as well as a monument box.

All erosion control methods were implemented, and we provided reporting to the City to demonstrate the effectiveness of the work completed.

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Chester Road Utilities and Road Replacement