site development

When It Comes to Your Site, Every Detail Matters

At KMU Trucking & Excavating, we understand how critical site development is to the success of your construction project. This important phase of every project not only creates the necessary framework for the various systems that will keep your structure powered, drained, supplied, and stable but also ensures that the terrain itself is prepared as needed. Often, site development and earthwork go hand-in-hand, as the removal of dirt or other material and modification of the site to fit design and engineering specifications are key parts of the overall process.

Our expert team can support site development needs of virtually any size and scope, from preparing lots for real estate development to large-scale projects for commercial developments. Examples include preparing sites for building pads, paved areas, and sidewalks as well as the critical fire, water, and sanitary lines that support the structure. We also take proactive steps to ensure our work is certified by geotechnical testing agencies, which review our work upon completion to verify that it was done properly. This ensures the long-term safety of the structure and the other systems that support it.

Ensure You’re Working with a Reliable Site Development Partner

KMU Trucking & Excavating works with numerous segments for their site development needs. Whether you’re a developer for a residential or commercial project or are looking for support with a municipal project, our team places great emphasis on communication, timeliness, and friendliness at all times. For more than 30 years, we’ve served as a strategic and reliable partner to those who entrust their site development needs to our company. When you work with us, we’ll not only complete your project but also ensure it’s completed on time and on budget while providing recommendations along the way.

Key to the success of any site development project, however, is safety. Our team members hold the OSHA 30-hour certification for the construction industry and are also certified by the EPA for septic systems. We maintain a drug-free working environment and are also signatory with multiple unions, ensuring your project is handled by skilled professionals. At all times, we observe all local codes and regulations to prevent surprises down the road.

Put Our Site Development Expertise to Work

With more than three decades of experience in delivering site development success, the KMU Trucking & Excavating team is ready to work with you on your next project. Contact our team today to learn more about our capabilities and to get started.