Protecting Coastal Communities with Long-Term Maintenance

A revetment is used to protect coastal and riverside areas from long-term erosion and other damaging effects of waves and the constant flow of water. They are typically stone or concrete structures organized on a preset slope. Because of this arrangement, the energy from waves is dispersed more effectively and helps to prevent wave backlash. Compared to other anti-erosion measures for coastal areas such as seawalls and barriers, revetments last considerably longer, increasing the return on investment and protecting communities.

Whether you’re considering the establishment of a revetment as part of a community or real estate development plan, or you’re looking for support with an existing revetment, the KMU Trucking & Excavating team can provide the assistance you need. We have a full fleet of heavy equipment that can be used to transport and deliver new revetment elements such as stones and concrete. We can also provide haul away for damaged structures.

Why Work with Us for Revetment Support?

Beyond supporting you with revetments, we can also partner with you on a number of other services to ensure the complete success of your project. In every initiative, we place a great emphasis on communicating with you, providing friendly service, and ensuring the timely completion of the work you’ve entrusted to us. We’ll also provide strategic recommendations throughout our work together to help you make the most of the work being completed and that any issues are brought to your attention.

Above all, safety is our top priority. We are OSHA 30-hour certified for the construction industry and also hold certifications with the EPA. We maintain a drug-free workplace at all times and follow all codes and regulations to ensure compliance and safety. For more than 30 years, this safety focus has ensured the timely and safe completion of every project entrusted to us. We own all of our equipment and closely follow the latest innovations and technology to provide you with a successful experience.

Learn More About Our Revetment Capabilities

Whether you’re a general contractor, real estate developer, or member of a municipal agency, our team is here to help you with your revetment needs. Contact us today to learn how we can put together a complete solution to help you achieve your goals.