Project Details

City of Aurora

Aurora, OH

Project Completion:
Expected 2022

Earthwork, Site DevelopmentExcavation, Line Installation, Drainage Systems, Trucking Services, Retention Pond Maintenance

Project Overview

In 2021, The City of Aurora approved to upgrade the Sludge Digestion and Solids Handling facilities at their Central Waste Water Treatment Plant. The primary 55,00 SF working area consisted of NEW: Sludge Dewatering Building, Electrical & Sludge Pump Building, Digestion & Storage Tank and renovations to the Existing Sludge Holding Enclosure.

KMU Trucking & Excavating was contracted to complete the demolition of the old storage tank, excavate for the new proposed buildings & tank, as well as all exterior waste water piping and site drainage. The project consisted of over 10,000 CY of excavation and over 3,000 CY of backfill to make way for the new buildings and tank construction. Along with the abundance of dirt generated from excavation operations, KMU crews completed over 5,300 LF of sitework utility trenching and installation. Primarily a specific class of ductile iron pipe, used predominantly on waste water treatment facility properties.


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